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Jesus Christ is the alone head of the church and graciously rules us by His Word and Spirit. Any power the church has is delegated by Christ through His Word. And only by the gifts and calling of the Spirit are men qualified for office in Christ's church. 


See our Book of Church Order for more information.


ministry of the Word of God

Rev. Michael Babcock


Associate Pastor
Rev. Dr. David Innes


ministry of governing

mike baker photo_edited.jpg

Michael Baker

Image 8-14-18 at 10.21 AM-1.jpg

Apo Panossian

Image 8-14-18 at 10.22 AM.jpg

Dave Haveman - Emeritus

Image 8-14-18 at 10.21 AM.jpg

Jim Blake

asher gunter picture_edited.jpg

Asher Gunter

Elder photo - Dan Twogood.jpeg

Dan Twogood

Image 8-14-18 at 10.21 AM (1)-1.jpg

Tom Sharp- Emeritus


ministry of mercy

Image 8-14-18 at 10.22 AM (1).jpg

Jim Myers

11 Decker.png

Chris Decker

Deacon photo - Caleb Higby.jpg

Caleb Higby

Deacon photo - Chris Johnson.jpeg

Chris Johnson

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